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Topics: Homelessness, Homeless shelter, Homelessness in the United States Pages: 9 (1894 words) Published: October 21, 2013

Grant Proposal
Denver Rescue Mission Daniel Gonzalez, Erica Keeler, Leslie Marvelle, Yesenia Deleon Sanchez BSHS/452
Monday September 23, 2013
Robert McHugh

Grant Proposal
Denver Rescue Mission Letter of Intent
September 21, 2013
Center for Non-Profit Advancement
1666 K Street NW
Suite 440
Washington, DC 20006
. Our organization was founded in September of 1940. It was incorporated in 1940 as well when more individuals were seeking their service. The mission of our organization is to assist the homeless. The purpose for this letter of intent is to have funds generated to the Denver Rescue Mission in the amount of $20,000.00individuals and families give them a place to stay on a cold night and feed them as well. The long term goals would be to have each person become more independent on his or her own everyday life skills, find some kind of work and rent an apartment or home, while on the financial side of this is to be able to pay their rent and other such bills. Programs provided are to help the families get back in control of his or her finances as well as housing by helping to find some stable housing and paying the first month rent and deposit. Another program is to assist with job research; other programs are to help the drug and alcohol attics with rehabilitation, then to follow through with job search and housing. This organization will reach out to the community for donations, or for volunteers to assist with some fund raiser activities. In the opinion of the funder, and making sure we are able to expand making more room for beds and for storage of bedding supplies or extra pull out beds. The first year of funding this project is making sure those who need the shelter are not so crowded and can feel a bit comfortable with his or her surroundings. Cover Letter

Mr. Randy K. Pletzer
Executive Director
1234 Main St
Denver, CO 80206

Dear Mr. Pletzer:
The Denver rescue mission is submitting this proposal to your agency for the amount of 20,000 to help our organization to expand our facilities and make more space in our shelters available. The expansion will not only increase space in our shelter it will also provide our residence with traditional programs that will assist him or her with other services to get our seniors the help that is needed to get him or her off the streets of Denver and surrounding cities. The program will provide short term housing help for our homeless population with a strong focus on our senior population.

The board of directors from the Denver rescue mission with assistance from local social service agencies providing referrals, this assures the increase of shelter time. Funds from your organization will assist in providing the time needed to establish goals needed to move forward. Our organization will help in assisting the homeless population in reaching goals, guidance, and direction. We along with our homeless population hope you will respond to our Our executive director Leslie will contact you next week in hopes to follow up and answer any further question regarding our proposal. Thank you for your time and consideration, Sincerely,

Jane Doe
President, Board of Director
In summary the organization is the Denver Rescue Mission, and the organizations mission is to change the lives of those who frequent the shelters. This organization has a couple of buildings set up to house anywhere from 100 to 500 homeless individuals. The proposed project is the Denver Rescue Mission, with a purpose of assisting those who need shelter at night when the nights are cold or for weather conditions, the purpose of this assistance is for those who are homeless and no other place to stay. This project is very important because there are many who sleep outside against the weather elements, and accomplishing this project is very...
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