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1. Define public health PG.6
What we as a society collectively do to ensure that conditions exist in which people can be healthy. Mission in public health is to generate organized community effort to address the pubic interest in health by applying scientific and technological knowledge to prevent disease and promote health. Examples: access to care, healthy food, clean water and air, roof overhead.

2. Contrast medical vs. public health impact on the gains in life span years Medical:
Public Health:

3. Describe the three essential core functions of public health and provide examples. See fig. 1-1 for examples (pg. 5). Pg. 7 Assessment refers to systematically collecting data on the population, monitoring the population’s health status, and making information available about the health of the community. Policy development refers to the need to provide leadership in developing policies that support the health of the population, including the use of scientific knowledge base in making decisions about policy. Assurance refers to the role of public health in ensuring that essential community- oriented health services are available, which may include providing essential personal health services for those who would otherwise not receive them. Assurance also refers to making sure that a competent public health and personal health care workforce is available.

4. Describe the core competencies for all public health professionals pg. 8 There are 34 competencies divided into 8 groups: analytic/ assessment, policy development/ program planning, communication, cultural competency, community dimensions of practice, basic public health services, financial planning and management, and leadership and systems thinking. Three levels of skill (awareness, knowledge, and proficiency) are assigned to each competency on the basis of the public health job requirements. It is recommended that these categories of competencies be used for curriculum review and development, workforce needs assessment, competency development, performance evaluation, hiring, and refining of the personal system job requirements.

5. Describe what differentiates public health nursing from other specialties in nursing pg. 9-10 It is population focused and community oriented. There is a health and preventative focus. Interventions are made at the community or population level. There is concern for the health of all members of the population/ community, particularly vulnerable subpopulations.

6. Contrast community/ population oriented nursing with community/ population based nursing pg. 14-16. See box 1-6 Community/ population based nursing care is described as the provision or assurance of personal illness care to individuals and families in the community. Community/ population oriented nursing is the provision of disease prevention and health promotions to populations and communities.

7. Explore the key historical roots that have influenced how health care is delivered in this country Review Tables 2-1 and 2-2.
Read pages 25-40 for a historical overview

8. Describe contributions of key public health nurses through their leadership Florence Nightingale: (pg. 25) served during the Crimean War to remedy deficient care of soldiers, cramped quarters, poor sanitation, lice, rats and insufficient food and medical supplies. Her vision of trained nurses and her model of nursing education influenced the development of professional nursing and indirectly public health nursing. Lillian Wald: (pg. 27) emerged as the established leader of public health nursing during its early decades. See box 2-1. She and Mary Brewster led the establishment of the Henry street settlement. Mary Breckinridge: (pg. 32) established Frontier Nursing Services (FNS) in 1925. Followed systems of care used in the Highlands and islands of Scotland. See box 2-2.

9. Describe 2010 Health Objectives related to public health pg. 41 Preventing or...
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