LCCI Level 2 Book keeping & account Quiz

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Level 2 Book-keeping and Accounts
Teachers’ Toolkit (Sample)

January 2010

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Welcome to the Teachers’ Toolkit for Level 2 Book-keeping and Accounts. This Teachers’ Toolkit is a set of inter-related materials, developed by experienced teachers and the Chief Examiner, to support the teaching and learning of the qualification content. The main resource in the toolkit is a Scheme of Work, which gives you examples of how to plan the course and teach the content. It provides a logical sequence for teaching the syllabus topics, highlighting the key points to emphasise and provides you with guidance on formative assessment and exam preparation to help you and your students to succeed in the qualification. The Scheme of Work is enhanced by the range of integrated innovative materials provided in the Appendices.

The information and resources provided in this toolkit are suggestions only. You can use them as you see fit, amending and adapting the content to suit your teaching style and students’ needs. Additionally, the Scheme of Works provides a good base for you to develop your lessons plans.

It is important to remember that the syllabus is the document on which the examination is based and specifies what content and skills need to be covered in the course delivery. Therefore, at all times the information and resources provided in the Teacher’s Toolkit should be read in conjunction with the syllabus.

Bear in mind that there are other support resources available freely on our website to help you. Resources available include past papers, sample papers and the Annual Qualification Review.


Qualification Title: Level 2 Book-keeping and Accounts
Syllabus Reference: 5
Teaching and Learning Methods

Topic: Manufacturing Accounts

Suggested Teaching Time: 5 hours

Timeframe: Week



Assessment /
Monitoring methods

Key teaching points

Exam Preparation

 Question & Answers

 Factory overheads

 Teacher Observation

are added to prime

 Teacher Resource

cost not subtracted

 Students to read Chapter 13 before the
 Interactive lecture using the Mind Map to
introduce the concept of the manufacturing
account and the classification of cost.

 Chalk/White board
 Passport to Success
Book - Chapter 13
 Cost Classification

 Group work using Cost Classification
worksheet and group discussion to check

 Manufacturing Account
Mind Map

 Teacher led explanation, using Chapter 13,
on the preparation and presentation of
manufacturing accounts

Past papers
 Question 1 – Series 2
2006 (Hong Kong)

 Teacher-led explanations and problem
solving on the preparation of
Manufacturing, Trading and Profit and Loss
Accounts and Balance sheet using
exercises /practice questions from Chapter
 Individual and group problem solving of
exercises and practice questions in
Chapter 13 and past papers (either in class
or as homework).

 Question 1 – Series 3
 Question 3 – Series 2
2008 (New Syllabus)
 Question 5 – Series 2
2008 (Hong Kong)
(New Syllabus)

Teacher should emphasise:
 that the basic principles of ‘Double
Entry’ underpin the progression of all
accounting principles.
 the double entry relationship
between the manufacturing account
and the trading account.
 that only items relating to ‘Finished
Goods’ are included in the Trading
and Profit and Loss Account.
 the importance of learning the cost
accounting terms and concepts:
direct/indirect; fixed/variable, prime
costs & overheads. Types of cost
(Labour, Material and Expense)
 that the Manufacturing account
relates to ‘costs’ only.
 the principles underpinning the
‘manufacturing profit’ and ‘Provision
for Realised Profit’ account and
should spend more time on this to...
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