International Responsibility and Liability- bibliography

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International Responsibility and Liability
1. Responsibility of States
2. Responsibility of International Organizations
3. International Liability

1. Responsibility of States
1.1 General Works
In addition to chapters on responsibility of principal textbooks on international law, the following works specialized in responsibility are useful. D. Anzilotti, “La responsabilité internationale des Etats à raison des dommages soufferts par des étrangers, RGDIP, t.13 (1906), pp.5-29. R. Ago, “Le délit internationale,” RCADI, t.68 (1939-II), pp.415-554. I. Brownlie, System of the Law of Nations, State Responsibility, Part 1 (Clarendon Press, 1983). SFDI colloque du mans: La responsabilité dans le système international (Pedone, 1991). R. Provost ed., State Responsibility in International Law (Ashgate, 2002). IUE Colloque international de Florence 7 et 8 decembre 2001: Obligations multilatérales, droit impératif et reponsabilité internationale des Etats (Pedone, 2003). James Crawford, Alain Pellet, and Simon Olleson eds., The Law of International Responsibility (OUP, 2010). 1.2 Travaux préparatoires

1.2.1 League of Nations
Official Documents
The Report of Subcommittee: League of Nations Publ. C.46.M.23.1926.V Conclusions of the Report of the Subcommittee of the League of Nations Committee of Experts for the Progressive Codification of International Law (Guerrero Report)(1926): C.196.M.70.1927.V Bases of Discussion Drawn up by the Preparatory Committee of the Hague Codification Conference (1929): C.75.M.69.1929.V Texts Adopted in the First Reading by the Third Committee of the Codification Conference: C.351(c).M.145(c).1930.V Privately edited travaux préparatoires

S. Rosenne ed., League of Nations Committee of Experts for the Progressive Codification of International Law (1925-1928), Vol.1 (Minutes), Vol.2 (Documents) (Oceana, 1972). - including documents prepared by the Preparatory Committee, such as the Bases of Discussion. S. Rosenne ed.,...

Bibliography: ” The International Law Commission’s Articles on State Responsibility: Introductions, Text and Commentaries, (Cambridge University Press, 2002), p.368.
2.1 General Works
“Can International Organizations be Controlled? Accountability and Responsibility,” ASIL Proceedings, 2003
M. Zwanenburg, Accountability of Peace Support Operations (Nijhoff, 2005).
2.2.2 Private Codifications
“The Legal Consequences for Member States of the Non-fulfilment by International Organizations of their Obligations towards Third Parties,” 66-II Annuaire de l’Institut de Droit International (1996)
“Accountability of International Organizations,” ILA Seventy-First Report: Berlin Conference (2004)
J. Barboza, “The Saga of Liability in the International Law Commission,” Melanges offerts a Hubert Thierry: L ' evolution du droit international (Pedone, 1998), pp.5-22.
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