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a) Describe and discuss the structure of organized public health in the United States. Public health activities are performed at many levels from local to national to global. The organizations and agencies devoted to public health at these different levels share many of the same functions including dis- ease surveillance, policy development, and provision of access to health care. Local health departments are the point of contact with the individual residents, and care and data collection occur primarily at that level. State departments of health provide sup- port to local department as well as a conduit for information to federal agencies. At the national level, policy, guidance, funding, and interaction with international partners become the primary activities. Globally, the public health system is a voluntary network of countries and private organizations that work to facilitate the flow of information and expertise to parts of the world where it is most needed. These systems are interdepen- dent, and pharmacists have the potential to be involved at any level of the public health system.

b) Discuss the role of the private sector in health promotion and disease prevention in the United States. There are many public sector and not for profit health agencies within the United States health care system. There are health care agencies that are run by the government, Quasi-government and voluntary. The agencies that are Quasi-government are supported by the government but managed privately and there are voluntary health agencies that can be run by private or non-profit agencies, and there are also government run agencies. Government agencies are run by the government and funded through taxes or other government budget appropriations. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is example of a government run agency. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is one of the most important health agencies in the world. The Centers for Disease Control and...
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