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Part I HPI
To show that measuring overall sustainability and enjoyment of life is more important in order to progress as a species than measuring just profit or just production. Rank the countries of the world using criteria that accounts for life expectancy, economic footprint, and experienced well being Showing that the path towards a happy planet, and in turn happy humans, is all about balance between man, nature, and technology. 1. It quickly become apparent that most nations who are at the top of the list in one category often are at the bottom of the list in other categories 2.Countries in the process of modernization cannot follow the same path as those who did in the 1800's and 1900's 3.  Everyone needs to reduce their carbon footprint

One reason we do not live on a happy planet is because of the way energy is distributed.  In order to make this better we need to make trade more fair, goods more accessible, and energy cheaper and more renewable. We need to switch to renewable sources of energy because it will both be cheaper for the consumer and less harsh on the environment.

This report emphasizes that the model being exported from early developers to those that are developing now is not economic or sustainable.  These new developers need a new method and different goals than those that came before. These nations not only have to rethink their economies but their cultures as well.  The psyche of the American consumerism model must be left behind for one that celebrates helping fellow humans and balance with nature .The economic system running the world right now takes into account only profits. This commoditizing of all the planets resources in a pure capitalistic system would cause the world to use all of its resources in a finite amount of time. If everyone lived as Americans did in 2008 we would need 4 planets to sustain such consumption. Humans need to take conservation of wild lands and resources into account when making plans for the future. Capitalism may be the best way to organize society, but there must be some exceptions put in place in order to improve the quality of life for all people and out planet. Some things should not be for profit. It seems that countries with the highest life expectancy and experienced wellbeing tend to have the worst scores on ecological footprint. These first world nations have the highest quality of life in most regards, but it is at the expense of the poorer nations’ peoples and lands. Those with low experienced well-being and life expectancy have the smallest ecological footprint. These poorer nations are having all of their resources, and therefore their profits, flooding up to a select few super economies like China’s, the USA’s and those in Europe. In our current system no country is fully self-sufficient so it is very important that all nations progress together. Nations cannot improve without their vital partners doing the same.

For the HPI trade is a key factor that has to change in order to improve the overall quality of life for all and the HPI score of a nation. Development of more trade and a growing world economy is encouraged in this model. It refers to the fact that one of the many things holding currently developing nations back is the modern model of pure capitalism, mineral exploitation, and job exporting. The modern model requires takers and victims. Their new way is through trade that is still mostly free, but has some important fair trade qualities. Not only would every nation have to be accountable for their own production and consumption, but they would also have to help their trade partners too in order to improve themselves; because all nations are so intertwined that it is impossible to rise a great amount without helping others. In reality when a primary nation is helping a second nation, the primary nation is in turn helping themselves in the long run. Likely on ground effects for people:

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