Cost Accounting

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8/14 Tue.

Introduction to Management Accounting and Professionalism

Chapter and Reading
Course Outline Syllabus eLC Student Orientation: /index.html

Assignment Due Today
1) Hand in your ACCT 5100/7100 profile. 2) Form teams of four with no more than one MBA student per team (I will try to fill out teams of two or three). One team member should email me the names of all team members and your team name, ASAP. If I don’t hear from you by 11:00 am on Wednesday, I will assign you to a team. 3) Follow the instructions on the course announcement page to complete your personal web page.

Differences between Financial and Managerial Accounting

8/16 Th.

Handout – Advice on Using Your Textbook Ethics, The Value Chain Handout – Chapter 1 Learning Objectives HDR 1

1) Do problem 1-29 (Assume the earnings subject to discussion are reported on the financial statements.) 2) Do the Gibson Guitar Case (in the Bel-Jean handout packet or under the Course Materials tab, in the Week 1 folder). 3) Do 2-20 (the cost object is the entire product line, not the individual car). (75 min.)

Cost Terms and Purposes

Handout – Chapter 2 Learning Objectives HDR 2 (pp. 26-37) Two Articles – Where Toyota Went Wrong; Toyota Is Changing How it Develops Cars (Classify the activities and costs discussed in these articles in Toyota’s value chain. How has Toyota shifted emphasis across the elements of its value chain?)

8/21 Tue. Quiz #1

Service, Merchandising, and Manufacturing Firms’ Financial Statements

Chapter and Reading
HDR 2 (Entire chapter) Financial Statement Format Handout Tull Points of Pride, rankings, CPA pass rates, & employment statistics WSJ Article–Ford Ramps Asian Car Plans (W hy does Ford expect increasing sales volume to increase op. margin %?)

Assignment Due
2-14, 2-27, 2-36, 2-37, 2-42 (90 min.) 2-34 and 2-35 are optional for

more practice

Article – 2011 Salary Survey (Skim.
W hat are premiums for a MAcc, a Ph.D, a CPA or CMA? Is there a gender gap?)

8/23 Th.

CVP Analysis

Handout – Ch 3 Learning Objectives HDR 3 (pp. 62-75)

3-35, CVP Analysis Handout Problem (40 min.)

WSJ Article – Lobster Glut Slams Prices (How do lobstermen use CVP?) Handout – Concepts in Action Box WSJ article – eToys Saga (How did eToys’ cost structure differ from Amazon’s? How did this difference affect the two firms’ outcomes?)

AICPA Excerpt – Written Comm. Summary – SEC’s Effective Writing Principles See prior student projects posted on eLC under Course Materials Week 2 8/28 Tue. CVP Analysis HDR 3 (Entire chapter; not appendix) Handout – Characteristics of Good Business Writing – Goodyear Rides Again (How did Goodyear optimize its sales mix?)

3-45 Team Project – Amazon (160 min.)

WSJ article – LCD-Panel Prices Falling (How can they use CVP? If sales volume declines by 10%, will op.income decline by more or less than 10%? W hat CVP concept does this illustrate? )

8/30 Th. Quiz #2

Job Costing

Chapter and Reading
Handout – Chapter 4 Learning Objectives HDR 4 (pp. 98-111) WSJ Article – Lean Machine (W hy and how Dell gives specific product cost information to its sales force)

Assignment Due
4-17 (20 min.)

WSJ Article – This Embarrasses...
(How does the workplace dovetail with advice in this course? Use the link on eLC to try the WSJ grammar quiz.)

9/4 Tue.

Job Costing

HDR 4 (Entire chapter) Two Articles – A Tale of Two Plants (Given the cost advantages Toyota’s new plant enjoyed over GM’s old plant, is it any wonder GM got into

Howe and Halling Handout Case (you may want to work on it in your teams) Job Costing Handout Problem (75 min.)

Driving Detroit Out of Its Ditch (W hy is sales volume so
trouble?); important? How have Detroit’s costs changed? How do these changes affect GM’s recent...
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