Community Health Nursing

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Community Health Nursing: Definitions: 1) World Health Organization: a. Special field of nursing that combines skills of nursing public health… b. Function as part of total public health program for: i. Promotion of health ii. Improvement of condition iii.Rehabilitation of illness and disability Jacobsen a. Learned practice discipline with ultimate goal of contributing as individuals to promote client’s optimum level of functioning through teaching and delivery of care Dr. Ruth B. Freeman a. CHN is a unique blend of nursing and public health practice aimed at developing and enhancing health capabilities of people. It is involved in entire spectrum of health services for the community Tinkham and Voorhies, 1972 a. CHN is a field of nursing in which family and communities are patients b. Unique blend of nursing and public health practice woven into human service c. “The hallmark of CHN is that it is population or aggregate-focused.”

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Philosophy of CHN Dr. Margaret Shetland: “Philosophy is based on the worth and dignity of man.” Ultimate Goal “To raise level of health of the citizenry.” Objectives of CHN 1) 2) 3) participate… conduct researches… coordinate…

Concepts of CHN • • • • • emphasis on importance of “greatest good for the greatest number” assessing health needs, planning, implementing and evaluating impact of health services on population group priority of health promotive and disease preventive strategies over curative interventions tools for measuring and analyzing community health problems application of principles of management and organization of the delivery of health services to the community

Basic Principles of Community Health Nursing

• • • •

family is the unit of care, community is the patient and the four levels of clientele of CHN are: ○ individual ○ family ○ group ○ community goal of improving community health involves multidisciplinary effort CHN works not for individual patient, family, group or community. The latter are active partners, not passive-recipients of care Practice of CHN is affected by changes in society in general and by developments in health field in particular CHN is part of community health system, which in turn is part of the larger human services system

Barangay Health Centers 1 doctor, 1 nurse, midwives, 2 barangay health workers. 1 nurse= 5000 people

Wednesday: check-up and free immunizations

Roles and Functions • • • • Planner: e.g. IMCI = Integrated management of childhood illnesses Provider of Nsg Services: direct nursing care of sick; provides patient continuity of care Manager/Supervisor: formulates individual, family, group and community centered care of plan; organize work force Coordinator of Services: coordinates with individuals, family, group for health related services provided by GO’s and NGO’s Trainer/health educator/counselor: identifies and interprets training needs of RHM’s, BHW’s and hilots; resource speaker; IEC materials Health Monitor: detects deviation from health of individual, family, group and community through contact visits with them; use of systematic and objective assessment Role model: provides good example/ model of healthful living to public Change agent: motivates changes in health behavior of individual, family, group and community including lifestyle to promote and maintain health. “most difficult role.” Recorder/reporter/statisticiain: prepares and submits records and reports Researcher: participates/assists in conduct of surveys

• • • • •

Community Health Nursing: History: • •

Early Christian era: virgins, noblewomen and plebeians took care of sick Phoebe: 1st visiting nurse Mr. William Rathbone: ○ Philanthropist who first thought of public health nursing ○ District nursing service in Liverpool in 1859 ○ More emphasis on midwifery ○ Forerunner of public health nursing system In the USA: ○ Public HN developed from visiting nursing service under missionary societies and visiting...
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