Community Health Nursing

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1. Public health systems are operating within a context of ongoing changes, which exert a number of pressures on the public health system. These changes include all of the following, except:

A. Health reforms

B. Existing and emerging environmental hazards

C. New technologies for health care

D. None of the above

2. In response to the changes of the times, the UN General Assembly adopted a vision of poverty reduction and sustainable development. This is exemplified in the Millenium Development goals, which include:

A. Reduce child mortality

B. Combat HIV/AIDs, malaria

C. Achieve universal primary education

D. All of the above

3. For over forty years after independence, the Philippine Health care system was administered by a central agency based in Manila. However, with the passage of the Local Government Code, LGUs facilitate health service delivery. This law is known as:

A. RA 7610

B. RA 7160

C. RA 7600

D. RA 9173

4. Inter local health system is a system of health care similar to a district health system in which individuals, communities and all other health care providers participate together in providing quality and accessible health care. Composition of the inter-local health zone include:

A. People

B. Boundaries

C. Health workers

D. All of the above

5. In the eco-system influencing the optimum level of functioning, people empowerment would fall under which category:

A. Political

B. Behavior

C. Socio-economic

D. Health care delivery system

6. What is the legal basis of Primary Health Care?

A. RA 9173

B. EO 51

C. LOI 949

D. PD 996

7. Which strategy of Primary Health Care is seen when programs of the health sector are closely linked with other socio-economic organizations at the national and community levels?

A. Reorientation and reorganization of the national health care system

B. Mobilization of the people

C. Development of intra-sectoral linkages

D. Effective preparation and enabling process for health action at all levels

8. What is the framework for meeting the goal of primary health care?

A. Organizational strategy

B. Collaboration with pertinent leaders in the community

C. Getting support from community members

D. Fourmula One

9. There are two levels of primary health care workers. Which is an example of an intermediate level health worker?

A. Traditional birth attendant

B. Health auxiliary volunteer

C. Sanitary inspector

D. None of the above

10. Framework for the implementation of the HSRA is FOURmula One for health. Goals of FOURmula One for health include:

A. Better health outcomes

B. Equitable health care financing

C. Both A and B

D. Neither A nor B

11. Which element of FOURmula One aims to improve and ensure accessibility and availability of basic and essential health care?

A. Health financing

B. Health regulation

C. Health service delivery

D. Good governance

12. Based on the DOH calendar, when is National Children’s month celebrated?

A. April

B. May

C. October

D. December

13. A very important part of the community Health Nursing Assessment process includes:

A. The application of professional judgment in estimating importance of facts to family and community

B. Evaluation structures and qualifications of health center team

C. Coordination with other sectors in relation to health concerns

D. Carrying out nursing procedures as per plan of action

14. In community health nursing, it is important to take into account the family health data coupled with an equally important need to perform ocular inspection of the area as activities which are powerful elements...
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